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Sue Merry - "Live your life as a beautiful message"
Education 2000
The Alexander Technique for Children - Edukindness
Pioneering work in integrating the Alexander Technique into the school day
Prioritising and valuing kindness in education to thus provide the right conditions in which children can function optimally in order to grow, learn and be happy and healthy.
"Since graduating as a teacher of the Alexander technique, Sue Merry has done more for children than any other person in the history of Alexander work. In just over 16 years she has simplified the interface between trained professionals in the Alexander technique by not only developing stories games and activities ... but has empowered all teachers to bring Alexander's discoveries to children"
The Education System - Giving it some Edukindness
©Paul Cook 2010
Direction Vol3 Number 8
Educare Small School
Where the Alexander Technique is part of every school day more

Native American Prayer for Peace
Give us the wisdom to teach our children to love, to respect and to be kind to each other so that they may grow with peace in mind.
"Education: This is the name given to the processes whereby children are robbed of their natural inheritance." “The Alexander Technique As I see It” © Patrick Macdonald 1989
F M Alexander
"The stupidity of letting children go wrong is that once they go wrong, their right is wrong; therefore the more they try to be right, the more they go wrong." 
"Give a child conscious control and you give him poise, the essential starting point for education."
The Alexander Technique: The Essential Writings of F. Matthias Alexander”. Selected and Introduced by Edward Maisel.
John Dewey
"The discovery could not have been made and the method of procedure perfected except by dealing with adults who were badly co-ordinated. But the method is not one of remedy; it is one of constructive education. Its proper field of application is with the young, with the growing generation, in order that they may come to possess as early as possible in life a correct standard of sensory appreciation and self-judgement."
Taken from Professor John Dewey’s introduction to “Constructive Conscious Control Of The Individual”F. M. Alexander. First published in Great Britain in 1923


Teaching the Alexander Technique in Primary Schools and Secondary/Tertiary Schools and Colleges

For Alexander Teachers and Ninth Term Alexander Students

Children need the right conditions in which to grow and be happy and healthy. To provide such conditions we have to know as much as possible about what we need to do in order to function optimally. The Alexander Technique is the missing link here. It provides an understanding of how we function that is missing from all educational theory.
   As children progress through the education system they usually become increasingly stressed and out of balance. This is inevitable when the education system itself is stressed and out of balance. Some children find ways of coping with this but some do not, with many feeling as if they are failing at a frighteningly young age. The ones who cope, or appear to cope, carry this stress and imbalance throughout their lives. Many will go on to manifest symptoms of related ill health and unhappiness as teenagers and adults.
Every child has the right to be shown that deep inside them there is something valuable, something worth listening to, something sacred and worthy of our trust. Only when we believe in ourselves can true learning take place. Only then can we risk being curious and allow ourselves to experience wonder and delight. This is the natural state of the small child and we invest much time and effort in educating it out of them.
It seems crazy that, at the same time, many of us are spending our time, (and often lots of our money) trying to find our way back to self-belief, back to the wisdom of these children.
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