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Important News

I am Taking a Sabbatical Until Further Notice
and so I am unable to offer any appointments at the moment.

The Alexander Technique
Information on the AT and education.
Downloads and resources

Information About:
  • Private lessons
    and general information

    Find out about the Alexander Technique and how to book a lesson with me.
  • Education 2000
    Here is all the information that was previously on the Education 2000 web site. Everything to do with working with children in primary schools. Why is the AT important for children? What is Educare Small School? Also free downloads of documents.
Buy Books and Pamphlets
Use the secure shop to download some of my writing on the Alexander Technique and children.
Currently available:
  • The Labyrinth of Gar
    An Alexander Technique book specifically for children aged 7-12
  • Practical Ideas for Working with Primary Schoolchildren 
    Get started introducing the AT to children 
  • The Story of Terry Tall and Digby Down
    A short story - 7 pages.
    An excellent way to introduce the Alexander Technique to children. The story is fun, simple and can be interactive if you wish - an opportunity to get children to try out being tall or not.
Free Downloads
Some free downloads are also available from the Education 2000 section of this web site. Mainly of interest to Alexander Teachers and classroom teachers but also very interesting for parents. more
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