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For a small fee you can download .pdf files of some of my books and writing.
To open the files you will need
Adobe Acrobat Reader
(free from the Adobe web site).
Once you have made your purchase I will send you a link to the file so that you can download it to your computer. 

Please be patient! I will send your files as quickly as possible but it will not be immediate as this is not an automated process :0)

The Labyrinth of Gar
Download .pdf file. An Alexander Technique book specifically for children. It is an adventure story and introduction to the Alexander Technique for children aged between 7 to 12. It is illustrated by Amy Merry with additional illustrations by the children of Educare Small School. It can be used as a very useful teaching aid or given to a child as a self-read book. It is currently out of print and only available as a file download.
Price: £7.45
Working with Primary Schoolchildren - Practical Ideas
Download .pdf file Benefit from my extensive experience of working in primary schools. My aim is always to integrate the AT into the regular school day. For Alexander Technique teachers this pamphlet contains all you need to know to get started working with children aged 3 - 11. It is packed full of suggestions for games and activities, all tried and tested in the field! NB. Image for illustration purposes only, not part of the pamphlet.
Price: £6.00
The Story of Terry Tall and Digby Down
Download .pdf file A short story - 7 pages, no illustrations. An excellent way to introduce the Alexander Technique to children. The story is fun, simple and can be interactive if you wish - an opportunity to get children to try out being tall or not. Works best with children aged 3 to about 8 years. Can be used with one child or a group of children. Is perfect for introducing the AT to a primary school class. Includes helpful notes. NB. Image for illustration purposes only, not part of the pamphlet.
Price: £2.00
Terry Tall and Digby Down Go To The Beach
A new Terry Tall and Digby Down story - six pages, no illustrations. Download .pdf file. This is a follow-on to the original 'Story of Terry Tall and Digby Down.' Terry and Digby have an exciting school trip to the beach. What could possibly go wrong? Once again Terry helps Digby to remember the 'magic words'. Lots of actions are incorporated into the story making it very suitable for AT teaching or for simply exploring what our bodies can do. Suitable for groups or single children aged 3 to 8 years. Includes helpful notes. NB: Picture for illustration purposes only, it is not part of the pamphlet.
Price: £2.00
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